Milk the Cash Cow Slots

Some people in life are lactose intolerant. This means that they can't have milk and some other dairy products. Luckily you can enjoy this cow and milk themed slot machine regardless if you are lactose intolerant or not! The name of the game is Milk the Cash Cow. This is a reference to the popular saying "cash cow". If something is a cash cow that means that it is really profitable. Cows have several uses in society. They can be used for dairy products like milk. Another use would be for the meat of a cow. Types of meat that can come from a cow include filet mignon, sirloin steak, rump steak, rib steak, rib eye steak, and hanger steak.

Plentiful Reel Symbols

This is a 3 reel slot machine. There is one pay line in the machine. The point of the game is to hope that matching slot reel symbols come up on the pay line. These combinations can form potential payouts. Let's break down what the reel symbols are so that you, the online casino gambler, can be prepared to know what to look for in the game. One is a pail full of golden coins. This is a clear reference to the title Milk the Cash Cow. Another reel symbol are wads of cash money. The black bar appears in this slot machine as a reel symbol just like it does in a lot of brick and mortar and internet slot machines. The black bar has three variations. One is a single. The next variation is a double bar. The final one is a trio of black bars.

The wild symbol is a picture of a cow eating money. The cash cow needs to eat too! This symbol can replace any symbol to form a winning combination for you. The game also offers a wide range that one can wager. Fiscal flexibility opens the door to allow all types of gamblers in. You are bound to find an amount to wager that you can be comfortable with.

One effect is that there is a cow mooing sound when you spin the slot machine. Another is a cash register sound that can be heard when you win.

Perhaps, you will be singing a moo moo here and a moo moo there while you try to milk the cash cow. Seasoned and new online casino players should check out Milk The Cash Cow slot today.