Bank on it Slots

Real Time Gaming goes retro with Bank On It, a classic three reel slot game with a single pay line.

About The Game

Designed in a traditional slot game, complete with a side crank, Bank On It is a piggy bank theme game, where shattering your precious bank is the name of the game, racking up cash along the way, you even have the chance of putting money into your bank. The symbols in this title are retro themed games. The red sevens are the highest paying symbol. Depending on how many coins you are wagering with, will determine the coin value. A single coin wager with a set of three, is good for 400 credits. This will double to 800 based on two coins, and if you bet the max with three coins, 1,400 coins will drop your way with a set of three.

The blue sevens pay the second highest amount. The values range from 200, 400 to 600 credits for wagering a single, two coins and three coins respectively. Mix matching sevens also pays handsomely. We’re talking between 150, 300 to 450 credits. The other symbols include triple bars, double bars, single bars, and double bars, along with the a blank icon and a cherry. The cherries tend to land with the most frequency, paying out two credits for landing a single one. An interesting aspect to Bank On It, is that if you land a trio of blank symbols, the credits will be stored in the virtual piggy bank. There is a wild symbol that will replace all the other icons with the exception of the blank, piggy bank symbol, and it will double winning combinations in the process.

There is no auto play mode, so you will have to place all your bets manually. You can wager a single credit, double credits and the maximum three credits with respective credit buttons. You can also pull the side crank to wager a single credit. If you’re ready to get into your virtual piggy bank, then all it takes is a nickel to get the reels spinning. The maximum amount that can be wagered per spin is five dollars. There is no scatter icon so there are no free spins nor any bonus rounds. Piggy Bank can be played instantly online or downloaded to your preferred mobile device.