Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Even more intense than the burning ring of fire, is Triple 7 Inferno Slots, a classic three reel slot game by Real Time Gaming.

An Inside Look At The Game

As mentioned earlier, Triple 7 Inferno is a classic three reel game that comes with a single pay line. The design of the game fits a traditional slot game, and it even comes with a side crank. This a three coin game, so depending on the number of coins you wager with will determine the amounts you win. A popular symbol in this sizzling hot game is the fiery seven itself. It's so hot, that you will need to wager at least a single coin to win something. A two coin wager is good for 500 coins, and a three coin wager will set you up with a 1,000 coins.

The second highest paid symbol is the red seven. To win with this symbol, you will have to bet with at least two coins. The value ranges between 150 to 300 coins, with the latter requiring the maximum wager. You can even win with any three sevens mixed, but you will need to place your bet with at least two coins.

There is even an appearance with the classic triple, double and single bars as well. The triple bars will out 60 coins, the double bars, 40 and the single bars 10 coins. You can also score a win by mixing any combo of bars. There is no wild symbol nor for that matter a scatter icon, so there are no more extra winning multipliers nor free spins round.

There is no auto play mode, so all bets will have to be placed manually. There are buttons to make a single, double or triple credit for every spin. You can even pull the side crank to make a single spin. There is no progressive jackpot, rather the top jackpot amount is a 1,000 coins for getting three fiery sevens based on a triple coin credit.

Triple 7 Inferno Slots is a product of Real Time Gaming, a giant in the online casino world. Normally producing top tier 5 reel games, they also have a penchant for dynamite three reel games, and Triple 7 Inferno lives up to the billing. This slot game can be enjoyed at several online casinos either directly online or downloaded to your preferred mobile device.