Light Speed Slots

The aliens are fact they are already here thanks to Real Time Gaming’s Light Speed Slots.

About The Game

Light Speed is a classic three reel slot game that comes with a single pay line full of all the intrigue and mysterious of the foreign kind. This game is a three coin game that will pay out different coin values for landing three of a kind of a symbol.

About The Symbols

As you would expect, there are alien symbols to go along with classic slot game symbols. There is a wild symbol which is represented by the robot which dramatically impacts winning combinations by replacing the other symbols with the exception of the scatter icon. The light gun is the key to launching the top jackpot amount. The key to doing this is wagering the maximum three coins and getting three of the light guns to fall to win the top jackpot of 400 coins. The other coin values by landing a trio of the light guns, are 100 and 200 coins by wagering a single and double coins respectfully.

The other symbols in the game are the green alien, light speed symbol, a U.F.O. and stars. The second highest paying symbol is represented by the light speed symbol. Again, depending on the number of coins you are wagering with, will determine the amount of coins you will receive. A single coin wager is good for 50, coins, two coin bets produces 100, and the max three coin bet, will yield 150 coins. The third ranked symbol is the star, shelling out 10, 20 and 30 coins respectfully. The green alien tends to hit with the most frequency.

There is no official scatter symbol in this game, therefore, there are no bonus rounds nor free spins to be played. There is no auto play button, therefore all bets will have to be placed manually through pressing the single, double credit or max credit buttons. You can also pull the crank on the side to quickly wager a single credit. The minimum bet to get the reels spinning and encounter the third kind, stands at a quarter. The maximum bet per spin, stands at seventy five cents. You can also adjust the coin sizes between one to three coins. The top multiplier in the game stands at seven times. Light Speed Slots can be played at several online casinos.