The Big Heist Slots

While they normally specialize in blockbuster five reel games, Real Time Gaming, from time to time turns back the clock to keep its stellar gaming future going strong into the present. And that is the case with their new game, The Big Heist.

Inside Big Heist

This game is a classic three reel game that comes with a single pay line. As the name suggests, you’re out to pull of a big score, not by robbery, but by using your wits to get the single pay line to go your way. The Big Heist is a three coin game, so depending on how much you wager, will be what you receive.

The highest paying symbol in the game is represented by the police badge. Again, depending on how much you wager, will determine how many coins you will receive. A single coin wager is good for 250 credits. A two coin wager will result in 500 credits, and a three coin wager will be good for 2,000 credits.

The second highest paying symbol consists of the donuts. A trio of this tasty icon will payout anywhere from 100 to 300 coins. The third highest symbol consists of the cup of coffee. The coin values range 50 to 150 credits. The other icons consists of the combination lock, police sunglasses and revolvers.

While there is no wild symbol, there is a bonus feature called crack the safe. To enter this bonus round, you will need to hit three safe dials on the pay line. Once this happens, you will be given a select amount of chances to crack the safe. All in all you can win up to ten times your bet placed. There is an alternative way to enter this round. You will have to collect up to fifty safe dials at which point you will earn 50 credits.

There is no scatter symbol so there are free spins or other bonus rounds besides the crack the safe feature. There is also no progressive jackpot. There is also no auto play, therefore you will have to place all your bets on your own. The minimum value to get the reels spinning is a nickel. The Big Heist proudly joins the blockbuster lineup of Real Time Gaming. This game comes fully optimized for desktop and smart device users to play on the go, anytime, anywhere.