Tian Di Yuan Su Slots

When it comes to Real Time Gaming, nothing should surprise you, considering their sterling reputation for producing and developing breathtakingly beautiful games, but then you get reminded why they might be the best in the online casino business. The reason is Tian Di Yuan Su Slots. Tian Di Yuan Slots once again showcases the awesomeness of Asian themed games. Highly interactive, Tian Di Yuan Slots features ambient noises and effects with animated reels to celebrate your victory. Get to know and fall in love with the mystique of ancient China over the 30 pay lines of Tian Di Yuan Slots.

Going Inside Real Time Gaming

If you gamble online, then you know about Real Time Gaming. Simply put, Real Time Gaming is a major powerhouse in the online casino scene. Real Time Gaming continues to hang its hat on its reputation for building outstanding and eye popping games that are nothing short of masterpieces. Together with the flash engine, Real Time Gaming pushes the envelope once more with Tian Di Yuan Su Slots. And thanks once more to the flash engine, the choice is yours once more to either play this game online or for download.

Getting Some Practice Rounds In

There is no pressure to play Tian Di Yuan for real money. After all, each bet you make is an investment. To help you get into the flow of the game, you have the luxury of playing some practice rounds so you can get the feel of the game to see if it is to your liking. All of the game functions in the demo mode are available. The only thing you can’t do is win real money.

An Original Theme

While Asian themed games are nothing new when it comes to online casinos games, Tian Di Yuan Su Slots stands out from the crowd apart from its jaw dropping graphics, but also because it is highly interactive. There is so much energy swirling in the game, that it even pulsates around the reels and the buttons. As you would expect with any Oriental inspired game, Tian Di Yuan Su Slots is highly vivid and rich in colors. Magic and spirituality plays a strong roll in the game, especially with the game play which we will talk a little more about. The main characters in the game completely embodies this concept. And again, the spiritual and spell bound components to the game helps to put Tian Di Yuan Su in a special category among Asian themed games.

First Class Design

Energy and wizardry makes its presence felt all throughout the game play and even throughout the reels. When you win experience the reels come to life like the elements to celebrate your victory. But there are many things here that are very down to Earth, including the very user friendly game screen. The important buttons including the auto spin button and the spin button are there for the clicking while you keep your eyes on the game screen.

For instance access to the game icons there is also a pay table button. There is an options button that lets you tweak the game settings.

What Type Of A Slot Is Tian Di Yuan Su?

There is a lot going on in this soothing, quaint game. The free spins are nothing short of holy. In traditional fashion, the the scatter symbol is the one that will get you into the free spins round. The number of free spins you will play with is based on the number of scatters that you get to land. At the very minimum, you will begin with 8 free games. More bonus picks will give you more free spins. All in all, you can play up to 33 free games per stanza. With each free spin, the winning multiplier grows by a factor of one.

Get The Pay Lines Right

Play Tian Di Yuan Su, your way on each and every spin. All in all, there are 30 pay lines that you can control on every spin. Just use the pay line arrows to align the precise number of pay lines you wish to wager on each and every spin.

Get Your Bet Right

And just like you can adjust the pay lines to your liking, the same is true when you place your bet. There are many ways for you to make your deposit at the casino that you are playing Tian Di Yuan Su at. And after you make it, head to the game and get the coin size just right through the usage of the coin buttons. A penny is all you need to immerse yourself into this spiritual game. The values of coins goes to a nickel, a dime, a quarter, all the way to dollar.

The Bonus…

Outside of the free spins, there are no other bonuses in the game.

Elemental Free Spins

Tian Di Yuan Su doesn’t shirk when it comes to the free spins. Three of the scatter symbols will put you into a virtual heaven where up to 33 free spins can be had. And with every turning of the free spins, the winning multiplier will grow by a factor of one. You can also win additional free spins as well by getting more bonus picks to fall on the reels.

The Return To Player

Nobody likes to lose, but it comes with the territory when you gamble. But it is important that you don’t lose heart, The more you wager playing Tian Di Yuan Su, the more you will eventually get back in the process.

Is There Rating?

So far, there is no official rating associated with the game. There is no mature content. Besides, you must be of legal age to even gamble.

Are You The Next Big Winner?

Real Time Gaming has a way of producing games that makes many players into winners. Tian Di Yuan Su has all the promise and makeup of making even more winners. Who knows, it just might be you who finds their name in big lights at the online casino that you play at.

Playing For The Heck Of It

Again, you don’t have to immediately place your bet when playing Tian Di Yuan Su. Take your time with some practice rounds to get the feel of this awesome visual spectacle set in ancient China. From time to time, there might be some third party promotions where you can play for free and win some money in the process via no deposit codes or free spins.

Going Mobile

All of the bells and whistles and dynamic game play of Tian Di Yuan Su, carries over to the mobile platform. Anytime and anywhere, you can completely immerse yourself in this one of a kind ancient, Chinese wonder on the mobile device of your choice or tablet.

Everything You Need Is In The Pay Table

There’s a lot going in Tian Di Yuan Su. There is a lot pageanty happening on the reels. When you need to remind yourself of the splendid icons and their value, all you have to do is hit the pay table button to find all that you need.