Wu Zetian Slots

Asian themed and inspired games continues to make its mark with Wu Zetian Slots, a riveting five reel game that takes you into the heart of ancient China. In a time where men ruled, Wu Zetian defied the norm and was both feared and hated for iron grip rule in ancient China. The visual game play is nothing short of stunning, which you can thank Real Time Gaming for. There are even crisp ambient noises and details, going on in the background. To help immerse you in the Wu Zetian experience, there is even a charming soundtrack.

Real Time Gaming Does It Again

Just when you think that Real Time Gaming couldn’t outdo itself, it comes up with another gem, Wu Zetian Slots. Real Time Gaming blends its unique gaming talents in tandem with cutting edge, flash technology. The flash technology gives you the option of either playing the games straight online, or you can download them to your personal computer, or your mobile device. And when it comes to Wu Zetian, you get nothing but the best in 3D and interactive game play and entertainment that celebrates the glory of ancient China.

The Demo Practice Rounds

Take your time and get into the feel of Wu Zetian Slots. There is no pressure to immediately lay down your bets. Most online casinos that support the Real Time Gaming platform, gives you the option of playing some practice rounds before making real bets.

It’s All In The Theme

When Real Time Gaming makes a game, it leaves no stone not turned. All the details to recreate this ancient, Chinese period piece, is reflected in the game design and game play. The colors are rich and vivid, all through the game play. There are even crisp and vivid animations when you spin the reels and in the bonus rounds. The game play takes place in the heart of the kingdom, compete with ambient wind and other sounds.

The Power Of Ancient China On Full Display In The Game Design

From the graphics, to the icons to the reels, the game design of Wu Zetian embodies the best of ancient China. The game play is rock solid with all the functionalities of a regular slot game. Right in reach and in game view, are the spin buttons and the auto play buttons. There is a pay table right in view where you catch up on the game icons and more.

So What Type Of Slot Is Wu Zetian?

While there is no progressive jackpot, there is a free spins round available at Wu Zetian. There is also giant, Wu Zetian blocks.

It’s all In The Pay Lines

Wu Zetian is a five reel wonder that comes with 25, special pay lines about the charm and the wonder of the notorious, Chinese empress. You can bet on a single pay line or on all 25 per spin. The choice is yours through the pay line buttons. You can place a wager on whatever pay lines you wish per spin. The max bet per spin is $62.50. An innovative feature are their 3x5 reels that can connect to the other reels.

Care To Place Your Bet?

Wu Zetian gives you the option of changing the coin size per spin. The denominations range from a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter all the way to $2.50. Depending on the online casino you are playing Wu Zetian, you have many ways to make your bet. The most popular methods are credit cards and in some cases, Bitcoin.

Don’t Forget About The Pay Table

There’s a wealth of information about this dynamite slot game. To help you stay informed with the game icons, just press the pay table button and presto. When it comes to the icons in Wu Zetian, you can expect the empress herself. You’ve got the wild pearl and the scatter gong. All the symbols with the exception of the scatter gong, can grow into giant symbols that can take up a reel and then some. The giant symbols leave behind giant winnings in the process. Scoring a winning combination can be done in a variety of ways. And when you score a win, the reels will animate to celebrate your victory.

It’s All In The Bonus

Outside of the giant symbols and the free spins rounds, there are no other bonus rounds to be found here with Wu Zetian.

Big Time Free Spins

The one thing Wu Zetian does have, is free spins. When it comes to the free spins round, the golden gong will appear as a giant symbol which is the key to launching the free spins round by getting at least three of them. In the free spins round, you are granted five free spins.

The Return To Players Is On Your Side

While we would all like to win on each spin, that is not in the cards. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stand to gain to win something. The more bets you place with Wu Zetian, eventually the return to player will find you.

Is There A Rating

While there is no official rating associates with Wu Zetian slots, many third party, online casino websites hold it in high regard, and give it high rankings. Wu Zetian, in its short life so far, has already become a fan favorite at many online casinos.

Become The Next Big Winner

Real Time Gaming has a long tradition of making players at winners. With their recent release of Wu Zetian, a five reel, sparkling gem, the tradition of winning big, is safe an intact. Depending on the online casino you are playing Wu Zetian at, you just might find your name in big bright lights at the casino by playing Wu Zetian.

Playing For The Kick Of It

Most online casinos that support Real Time Gaming, comes with the option of playing practice rounds. By all means, get some practice play in, so you can become familiar with the unique game play. Also keep in mind, that there might be some third party no deposit codes and bonuses that you can play Wu Zetian for free and win some coin and prizes in the process.

Making A Real Bet

Of course, when you are ready to place bets for real, that can easily be accommodated. Most online casinos will give you the option of using either Visa or MasterCard to make your deposits. Most modern online casinos now feature Bitcoin as a means to make a deposit. Whatever method you choose, you can also adjust your coin size per spin as well.

Playing Wu Zetian On Your Mobile Device

Feel free to escape into the beautiful, world and time piece known as Wu Zetian Slots. This technological, slot marvel is fully optimized to perform with a glitch nor a hitch on today’s smart devices. All of the features from the main desktop version carries over onto the smart phones. All you have to do is log in to your online casino, and pickup right where you left off with Wu Zetian Slots, a mesmerizing, five reel slot with all the pomp and circumstances from ancient, China.