Trigger Happy Slots

Ever wanted to travel back to the days of the wild west? Well now’s your chance thanks to Real Time Gaming’s recent, slot wonder, Trigger Happy Slots, a trigger happy, five reel game that takes you back into the virtual days of the wild west. Equipped, with old gun shootouts, Trigger Happy Slots is packed with an exciting bonus round and plenty of opportunities to win some coin.

Real Time Gaming Does It Again

If you are a member of an online casino or you enjoy gambling online, chances are you are no stranger to Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming has become synonymous with excellence in online casino games, in particular slot games. While they still produce three reel games, Real Time Gaming makes it bread and butter and its reputation on its sterling, visually stunning, five reel games. Getting the most out of the powerful flash engine, Real Time Gaming is able to deliver blockbuster games that can be played easily online or downloaded to your computer or the mobile device of your choice, including Trigger Happy Slots.

Getting Some Demo Rounds In

There’s no pressure to put an immediate bet down when playing Trigger Happy Slots. In order to get the feel of the game, you are more than welcome to play some practice rounds. Depending on the online casino that you are playing the game at, you should have the option of playing in the practice round.

The Wild West Theme

Although not quite the legendary, television show back in the 1960’s, Trigger Happy Slots has all the pomp and circumstance of life in the wild wild west. As the name suggests, Trigger Happy Slots goes all out on the wild west theme. All of the buttons, dials, reels and graphics are in the mold of a vintage, western town and saloon. Even the game icons reflect the vintage days of tough guys and cowboys. There are even two, beautiful cowgirls as well.

A Smoking Design

We’ve talked about the theme of the game, but the design still remain user friendly. Right in view, are all of the buttons that you need are just a click away. The main buttons right in view, which by the way, follow the wild wild theme, are the spin and auto spin buttons, pay table button and the pay line buttons. The game play takes place right in the middle of a western town. From time to time, you can expect both cowgirls to jump out on the sides of the reels to keep you engaged.

So What Type Of Slot Game Is Trigger Happy Slots?

Well, you’re in luck, if you prove tough enough, you just might win the progressive jackpot here that can be won at the conclusion of any spin. There are also exciting bonus rounds including the shootout in the free spins rounds.

Trigger Happy Pay Lines

There are 30 pay lines to help you get the full, cowboy, wild west experience. The choice is yours whether to bet a single pay line or all 30 pay lines. You can bet everything in between via the usage of the pay line buttons.

Many Ways To Place A Bet

Just like the pay lines, you can easily adjust the value of the coin size. The coin size buttons allow you to easily adjust the value of the coin sizes from a penny, a nickel, a dime all the way to the quarter. You can do this on each and every spin.

Don’t Forget About The Pay Table

There’s a lot going on with Trigger Happy Slots. To help you keep abreast of the game icons, there is a pay table that lets you instantly review the game icons. When it comes to the icons, you can expect both the red headed cowgirl and the blonde cowgirl, the sheriff, the saloon, and old fashioned playing card numbers. In fact, both of the cowgirls are wilds. The pay table also breaks down the free spins and the bonus round information.

One Heck Of A Bonus Round

Trigger Happy Slots comes with the lucky feature. The lucky feature bonus round occurs at complete random. This will either launch the free spins round of the Trigger Happy bonus round. In the Trigger Happy bonus round, you are granted five to 10 free games. In the free games bonus round, you stand to gain extra prizes.

Don’t Forget About The Free Spins

In the regular free spins round, which is triggered by the three sheriff badges, you will play with at least seven free spins. Once you get here, you get to choose either the red haired cowgirl or the blonde cowgirl to determine your winning multiplier. You will get a two times winning multiplier with whatever girl you choose, plus other bonuses. Both girls will cover an entire reel and offer additional bonus rounds. You can even gain additional free spins by getting more scatter symbols.

The Return To Player

Nobody likes to lose money, but lets face it. It comes with the territory. Don’t worry, when it comes to the Return To Player, it is quite generous here with Trigger Happy Slots. The more you wager, the more you will get back in the process.

Trigger Happy Rating

There is no official rating when it comes to Trigger Happy Slots. There is no actual violence shown, so there is no mature content. Besides, you must be of legal age to even gamble, let alone play with Trigger Happy Slots.

Become The Next Big Winner

Real Time Gaming has a long tradition of producing games that makes big time winners. The tradition continues with Trigger Happy Slots. Depending on the online casino you are playing at, you just might find your name in big, bright lights for playing and winning Trigger Happy Slots.

Playing For The Heck Of It

Again, any staple of a Real Time Gaming Casino, is the ability to play demo rounds or in some cases some free rounds. It is possible to find some third party, casino codes that lets you play with a no deposit code or some free spins. This way, you can play without depositing a single penny, and still win real money.

Making A Real Bet

Of course when you are ready to make a real bet, there are many ways for that to be accommodated. Most of the online casinos that support Trigger Happy Slots, gives you multiple options to make your bet. The go to methods normally are traditional credit cards which will need you to fill out a credit card authorization form. And depending on the online casino, you might be able to using Bitcoin as a way to make your bets as well.

Getting Trigger Happy On The Go

Whenever you get the itch to play Trigger Happy Slots, you don’t have to be at your computer to get the showdown on the road. This game easily adapts and is playable on today’s smart devices including laptops. All of the features on the desktop version, easily carries over the mobile device. Trigger Happy Slots is available at many online casinos.