Year of Fortune Slots

Asian themed and Oriental inspired games are so prolific at online casinos that they often come with their own category. And its own category is one of the best ways to sum Year Of Fortune Slots, another captivating five reel game by Real Time Gaming that celebrates the power and the intrigue of Chinese folklore Gods, in particular, The God Of Wealth. Featuring scintillating free spins and other bonus rounds, Year Of Fortune Slots.

Nobody Does It Better Than Real Time Gaming

Just when you think that Real Time Gaming can’t outdo itself, it begs to differ. Real Time Gaming deserves much credit for the slot wonder, Year Of Fortune Slots. So why are they able to develop and produce marvels like Year Of Fortune Slots? The answer is thanks to the flash technology. Cutting edge flash technology allows game providers like Real Time Gaming to craft and compress games like Year Of Fortune Slots into small file sizes that can be streamed directly online, or downloaded to your computer or your smart device. Thanks to flash, you also can develop the fortuitous bonus rounds found in Year Of Fortune Slots.

Getting Some Demo Rounds In

There’s a lot going on when it comes to Year Of Fortune Slots. To help you get the feel of the game and its beautiful complexities, by all means play some demo rounds of it. All of the functionalities and intricacies of the game are available with the demo. The only thing you can’t do is actually win some prizes and money.

A Theme Of Prosperity And Wealth

Peace, ease and wealth is expertly woven into the virtual theme of Year Of Fortune Slots. All of the colors are rich and vibrant, as you would expect in an Asian themed game. All of the graphics and the icons are in the mold and spirit of traditional Asian animals, the kinds you would find in Asian new year themes. The graphics and the details are all patterned with Oriental graphics and fonts. There is even a charming, Oriental themed soundtrack to accompany the game play.

A Fortuitous Design

Everything you need to have fun and win, are right in plain sight. All of the key buttons including the spin and the auto spin button, are just a click away. Need to brush up on the game icons? No problem, click on the pay table button to find out all of the info on the icons and their respective values. Also through the pay table, you can go over the bonus round information and game play rules.

So What Kind Of A Slot Game Is Year Of Fortune Slots?

To make sure you make some kind of fortune, Year Of Fortune Slots does come with a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin. There is also a more than worthwhile free spins round, that will definitely add onto your wealth. There is also a minor jackpot that can be won if you get five of the God of Wealth symbols on the reel.

It’s All In The Pay Lines

Year Of Fortune Slots is a five reel affair with 25 pay lines. You can bet on as many pay lines you wish per spin. There are pay line arrows to help you align the precise number of pay lines on each spin. The max bet per spin is $125.

Getting Your Bets In

Just like the pay line buttons, there are many ways to make a deposit. You can easily adjust the coin size, through the coin size buttons. The coin denominations are a penny, all the way to a dime, then a quarter, fifty cents, a dollar, two fifty all the way to five dollars. Of course, the online casino you are playing at, will have many ways for you to make a deposit. The common options are Visa and MasterCard, and in many cases these days, Bitcoin is a banking option.

Don’t Forget About The Pay Table

There’s a lot going on at Year Of Fortune Slots. All of the game icons follow Asian lore and are pretty potent in the process of helping you win. Whenever you want to brush up on the game icons and their respective values, all you have to do is press the pay table button and all you need to know, is there for the taking. You can never go wrong with the golden ox, who will double your winning combinations when it lands in the reels. The next important symbol is the God Of Wealth himself. Again, five of him on the reels will net you the progressive jackpot.

Getting Into The Bonus Round

Outside of the free spins round, there are no other bonus rounds in Year Of Fortune Slots.

The Free Spins Are Very Fortuitous

To get into the free spins round, you will need to get at least three of the scatter symbols. In the free spins round, you are given 8 free games, to go along with 88 pay lines. Yes, you heard correctly, you have a great chance to build a mini fortune with the 88 pay lines. The golden ox wild will serve as a double winning multiplier. You can also amass additional free spins in the free spins round by getting another trio of scatters.

A Very Nice Return To Player

Who likes to lose? Nobody. But losing comes with the territory when you play at an online casino. Don’t worry, the return to player is on your side when you play Year Of Fortune Slots. Simply put, the more you wager, the more it will come back to you to help you increase your odds of winning your own mini fortune.

Is There A Rating?

There is no formal rating associated with Year Of Fortune Slots? The simple answer is no. What you see is what you get when you play Year Of Fortune Slots. Besides, all parties must be of legal age to gamble let alone to even play Year Of Fortune Slots.

Playing For The Heck Of It

There is no pressure to place a real bet for Year Of Fortune Slots. Play some practice rounds to get into the feel of the game before you make a real wager. Keep your eye out for third party promotions that lets you play for free while actually winning real money in the process.

Laying Down A Real Bet

So you’re finally ready to get busy making your fortune. Again, there are many ways to make your deposit at the online casino that you are playing Year Of Fortune Slots at. Once more, you can adjust the coin size of your bet via the coin size buttons.

Playing On The Go

You don’t always have to be at your computer to get to work at making your fortune with Year Of Fortune Slots. Year Of Fortune Slots is fully equipped to be played and enjoyed on the mobile device of your choice. All of the game features and options are there for the taking, even in the palm of your hand. Enjoy the exciting free spins rounds as well on your mobile platform.