Sweet Shop Collect Slots

Sweet Shop Collect tells us where we are headed to play this game, but what about the collect part of the title? We can tell you more about that below, so let's not delay as we dive into our sweet slot review.

What's the information about reels and lines in this slot?

You've got 25 lines to bet on, arranged over five reels. You'll see the game looks like a set of shelves though, so those are more noticeable than the reels.

How much can you play Sweet Shop Collect for?

You can expect 25 cents a pop at the cheapest end of the stakes, while $25 is the most you can bet per spin.

Does the slot game include any notable icons to search for?

Yes, there are two, as you might guess. The wild looks like a W in shiny multiple colors, so it could be a candy, we guess. You can also find the game logo in action as the scatter. The wild doesn't replace this, but all other symbols are fine.

What about some bonuses in Sweet Shop Collect?

You can find low-value icons to add to collector symbols on the left of the reels. These can potentially burst when full, randomly awarding a prize if they do so. If this should happen, the collector involved goes back to zero and begins collecting again.

The logos are key for finding some free games to play. There are 10, 15, or 20 spins available for three, four, or five of those, so there's much to play for. Whatever quantity of spins you find, you can potentially spot random multipliers during the action. The collector element also gets more interesting, since the only symbols to appear during free spins are the cheapest ones.

Are you all set for a spin at Sweet Shop Collect?

We hope you are, and if so, you can test it via the demo game if you want to. Alternatively, you can check out the real thing if you decide you have the budget to provide some scope for real prize searches on the reels. The practice game is perfect to start with though.