The Naughty List Slots

He's making a list. He's checking it twice, trying to find out who's naughty or nice. Actually, when it comes to the adults who play The Naughty List Slots, you'll actually find that Santa Claus is a bit on the naughty side. The Naughty List is a five reel game that breaks from traditional, Christmas themed game, by putting Santa and his exploits with his two beautiful elves, front and center. This game is full of Christmas cheer, prizes and bonus rounds to help you deck the halls with balls of holly.

Real Time Gaming Does It Again

Real Time Gaming continues to make its mark when it comes to online casino slot games. Their sterling reputation remains intact with The Naughty List Slots. Not afraid to take chances, Real Time Gaming continues to push the envelope when it comes their slot games. A staple of their games includes crisp and visually stunning details, all of which applies to The Naughty List Slots. Going beyond the spin of the reels, there are loaded bonus rounds as well, a hallmark of Real Time Gaming slots.

Trying The Demo

Playing some practice rounds should not be an issue when it comes to The Naughty List. Most of Real Time Gaming slots comes with the option of playing some demo rounds. All of the game's functions and abilities are on full display when playing in the demo round. The only thing you won't be able to do, is win real money and prizes.

A Truly Naughty Theme

When you think of Christmas themed games, you expect decorations, presents, Christmas trees and all things Christmas. And to an extent, you will find all of that here with The Naughty List. All of the game icons as you would expect are patterned in the spirit of Christmas to go along with the fonts and buttons. The game play occurs right in the middle of Santa's workshop.

An Intriguing Design

We've talked about the Christmas themed icons a bit. Equal to cosmetics of the game, is the actual game play of this well designed slot. Right in plain view and easy to get to, are the spin and auto spin buttons. There is also pay line buttons and coin size buttons right in the view of the screen to help you get the pay lines right and how much you wish to wager. Likewise, the pay table and option buttons are a click away as well.

A Naughty Type Of Slot

So what exactly is The Naughty List Slots? There's a lot going on in this game including many bonus rounds. It also comes with a minor and major jackpot that will be hit after a certain amount. There is also a progressive jackpot that can be won at the conclusions of any spin.

Naughty Filled Pay Lines

The Naughty List features 50 pay lines of Christmas goodness, or depending on your mood, Christmas naughtiness. You can bet as many pay lines you wish through the pay line buttons on the screen.

It's So Easy To Make A Bet

And just like you can adjust the pay lines, you can change the coin size buttons as well. The minimum bet to get the reels spinning, is a penny. The other denominations include everything to a nickel, a dime and a quarter. The online casino that you are playing The Naughty List at will have many ways to make your deposit as well.

The Pay Table Is There When You Need It

Whenever you want to brush up on the Christmas themed icons, the pay table is but a click away to find out everything you need. The icons of most importance are the wild Santa Claus who appears as a group wild on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels. Both of Santa's lovely helpers are high ranking symbols. The scatter symbol is represented by the naughty list. At the pay table, you can also find out the rules about what it takes to score a win and other bonus round information.

Enjoy The Bonus Rounds

There are many features here at The Naughty List. The most popular bonus round is the Naughty Pick feature. To get into this round you will need to get at least three of the scatters. In fact, the more of the scatters will determine how many presents you will get to pick from. When you are picking among the presents you must come across two of the naughty lists, along with exclusive winning multipliers. After this feature, you will commence the Santastic free spins. There is also the Lucky Feature that can happen at complete random as well.

Awesome Free Spins

When it comes to the Santastic free spins, you are granted five of them. While playing in this free spins mode, extra Santa wilds and naughty list scatters are added to the reels for extra wins to go along with the winning multipliers one in the Naughty pick feature. The second set of free spins come from the Lucky feature. The Lucky feature occurs at complete random at the conclusion of any spin. The number of free spins you will play with range from 5 to 10 to go along with a 10 times winning multiplier. It is also possible to trigger the Naughty Pick feature.

A Nice Return To Player

Even though you may want to get into the Christmas spirit by winning on each and every spin, the reality is you are going to lose at some point. To help ease the blow and to keep you into the Christmas spirit, the return to player in this game, is more than fair and inviting.

What's The Rating?

There is no official rating to The Naughty List. It does get glowing reviews and high stars from third party online casino websites. The Naughty List is good, clean fun.

Become The Next Big Winner

Real Time Gaming has a habit of developing high profile slot games, the kind that produces winners. And depending on the online casino you are playing at, you may find your name being displayed on the home page.

You Don't Have To Make A Bet Right Away

Before making a real bet, you can get to know The Naughty List by playing some practice rounds. In the practice rounds, all of the games functions and options are available, but you won't be able to win real money. Keep in mind, there might be some third party codes, in particular no deposit codes and free spins codes where you can play for free, but actually win some prizes and coin.

When You're Ready To Make A Real Bet

The online casino that you are playing The Naughty List at, will have many ways to help you make your bet. Before making your bet, you must make a deposit. The most popular options include credit and debit cards along with new options like Bitcoin. Once you make your deposit, you can again adjust the coin size to your liking along with the number of pay lines you wish to wager.

The Naughty List Is Mobile

Whenever you're in the mood to play The Naughty List, just take out your mobile device and have it. The Naughty List is fully optimized for today's mobile devices.