Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Most people dread having a mid life crisis, but thanks to Real Time Gaming, Mid Life Crisis Slots is one game where you stand to actually come out ahead.

Inside Mid Life Crisis

Mid Life Crisis is an animated five reel game that comes with 9 pay lines. The aim of the game is to find happiness by going on a spending spree of luxury. All the symbols in this game scream of luxury and wealth. The wild symbol consists of the red sports car. This is the highest ranking symbol in the game, in fact, if you manage to land all five of them on the pay line, you will have your choice of either taking home $100,000 or vying for the progressive jackpot.

The scatter symbols consists of the middle aged man or the pretty red haired woman. Depending on which set of three you land, will determine the bonus you will play in. If you get three of the middle aged man, then you can look forward to receiving up to 350 credits to help him get out of town. In order to receive the 350 credits, you will need to wager the maximum.

The second bonus round is known as the Pick Your Poison bonus round. To get here, you will need to land at least three of the pretty ladies on the pay line. Your reward is picking one successful bonus adventure after the other to rack up major credits. All in all, you can earn up to 4,000 credits in this bonus round.

The other symbols in the game are the yacht, dollar bills, a motorcycle, a bottle of pills, a gold necklace, a hot tub, a parachute, and a toupee. The aim is to score three of a kind of a symbol on the pay line to gain a win. The yacht is the second highest paying symbol. Manage to get five of them on the pay line, and you will receive 3,200 credits.

Feel free to place your own bets or have them play out in a sequence through auto play mode so you can sit back and enjoy a second you with Real Time Gaming's Mid Life Crisis. This game can be played either directly online or downloaded to your preferred mobile device at several online casinos.