Hairway To Heaven Slots

What do you get when you put together the power of a storybook fairy tale with the awesome power of a slot game? The answer is Hairway To Heaven Slots. Hairway To Heaven Slots is a five reel game that plays on the famous fairy tale, Rapunzel, the lovely maiden with hair so long, that she lowered it to the charming prince to rescue her from her prison in the tower. This time, it is up to you to guide the charming prince in this story book game, full of lavish free spins and other fun.

A Game Developer That Needs No Introduction

Fans of online casino game play are no stranger to Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming throughout the years has separated itself from the competition by developing nothing short of visually excellent slot games. Going the extra mile, many of these blockbuster slot games come with special bonus rounds and free spins courtesy of the skill of Real Time Gaming. Utilizing the latest in flash technology, Real Time Gaming makes it possible to deliver blockbuster slot games like Hairway To Heaven either straight through the browser, or for download on your computer or the device of your choice.

The Demo Play Feature

It is standard practice for today’s online casinos to let you play some practice rounds before wagering real money. The same is true when it comes to Hairway To Heaven Slots. You can play this game without placing a real bet at many of the online casinos that host this game.

The Fairy Tale Theme

Real Time Gaming goes all out on the fairy tale theme when it comes to Hairway To Heaven Slots. All the images, the game play, the icons and the fonts, follow the fairy tale form. In fact, the game play takes place right in the middle of the town square, prince and princess at all. Even the playing card numbers are in the pattern of medieval luxury.

Escape Into The Design

Again, when Real Time Gaming makes a game, they go all out for it. All the details are crisp and breathtakingly beautiful in an animated way. Everything that you need, is right in view on the game screen, especially the spin and auto spin buttons. Also within reach on the screen is the pay table buttons and the options buttons where you can easily go over the game icons and tweak the game settings like reel speed and the sound effects in the game.

An Interesting Type Of Slot

Hairway To Heaven Slots, is a fairy tale slot game in every sense of the word. There’s not just one, but three bonus rounds, that comes with its own set of free spins. It also comes with a minor and major jackpot.

Magical Pay Lines

Hairway To Heaven is a five reel affair with 25 pay lines. The 25 pay lines can be all played on each spin, or you can choose the number of pay lines you wish to play on each spin, via the pay line buttons.

Making Your Storybook Bet

The online casino that you are playing Hairway To Heaven will have many ways to make your deposit, which is step one. Once you make your deposit, you can adjust your coin size through the coin size buttons. The coin values range from a penny, a nickel, a dime, all the way to a quarter. Hairway To Heaven also lets you keep up with your bet history as well.

One Heck Of A Pay Table

All the information and values about the game icons are just a click away, courtesy of the pay table button. It goes without saying that the princess is the prized symbol in the game, serving as the wild which magically makes double winning combinations. There is also the handsome, brave prince that pays out quite nicely as well. In fact, he is the scatter symbol which takes you into the bonus round.

Speaking Of The Bonus…

There are three different bonus rounds in Hairway To Heaven Slots. All three bonus rounds are different variations of free spins with its own particular winning multiplier.

The Free Spins

The first bout of free spins is the Damsel In Distress bonus round. In this version of free spins, you start off with 8 free spins with the opportunity to add more free games. The second free spins round is called the Princess Pays free spins round. In this bonus round, you are granted 10 free spins. If the princess wild lands, wins will be tripled. The third free spins round is called the Hairway To Heaven round. In this free spins round, you can play anywhere from 5 free spins to 20 free spins. In this mode, the winning multiplier will grow by a factor of one.

What’s Coming Back To The Player

We all want to win all the time, but lets face it, it’s not always possible when you place real bets. To help you get the storybook ending you deserve, the return to player, factors very well when you play Hairway To Heaven Slots. Simply put, the more you wager, the more will eventually come back to you.

What’s The Rating?

While there is no official rating involved with Hairway To Heaven Slots, it plays out in many ways like a G rated or a Pg rated, family movie. To even play this game, you must be of legal age at the online casino you are registered at.

Become The Next Big Winner

Real Time Gaming has a long tradition of producing games that in turn produces winners. It is not as hard as you think it is to win. Who knows, you might find your name in big lights and on the front page of the online casino.

Playing Without Making A Wager

You can play some practice rounds before wagering real money, for it is a staple of many Real Time Gaming based games. All of the functionalities of the main game are available, with the exception of winning real money. Depending on third party online casinos codes, or some in house casino promotions, you maybe able to use free spins promotions or no deposit codes that will allow you to play for free while actually winning some real money.

Laying Down A Real Bet

Whenever you are ready to make a real bet, there are many ways for that to be accommodated at the online casino you are playing Hairway To Heaven at. Standard deposit options extend to Visa and MasterCard and most likely Bitcoin as well. If you are planning on using the credit cards, the standard practice is to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. Once you’ve made your deposit, you can adjust the coin value before the spin through the coin size buttons.

Taking The Fairy Tale On The Go

Hairway To Heaven Slots can be experienced right at your computer, or on the mobile device of your choice, anywhere or at anytime. All of the main website features of the game, translates right to the palm of your hand.