Gemtopia Slots

Gemtopia Slots is a marvel to behold; the game practically glistens once you turn it on. Crisply-detailed and with many dazzling colors, it’s a very gem-centered slot with 5 reels and 15 paylines - providing a solid number of ways to win. You will find a birthstone for every month inside, as well as Free Spins and Bonus Games to prolong your winning ways. Don’t let this one fly under the radar, as it has the Real Time Gaming stamp of approval - so you know it’s a good one.

You’ll want to know about the Bonus Games first, as it is the primary way that gamers get a chance to beat the odds and snag a jackpot or big cash prize. The bright gems responsible for delivering Bonuses appear on the reels, and three of them is the magic number for you. More of the right gems means greater prizes; but three is the lowest amount that delivers 15 Bonus chances. To give you an idea of what these might deliver, some players have won as much as 1,000 times their initial bet.

As with any Slot, you need to identify the Substitute symbol - which is more popularly known as the Wild. In Gemtopia, the Wild is unique and expands to cover the reels and complete a winning payline. It also triggers a chance to spin again - even if you’re already in the midst of a spin that is already in progress.

It’s important to note that Gemtopia is available on the mobile device of your choice - as long as the device supports iOS (by tech giant Apple) or Google’s Android. The game is free to play without download but, of course, if you don’t make a deposit you cannot win. And once you hear the jackpots that are available, you’ll want to consider putting something down.

The smaller jackpot is officially called the Minor Jackpot, and the amount is nothing to snort at:$250. The Major Jackpot is $1,000. You can win either one, or you can really luck out and win both. But the one that people really play Gemtopia Slots for is the Progressive Jackpot, which is actually available at any time in the game, as it is a Random Progressive. It’ll deliver 50,000 times your starting bet, and is dependent on the Scatter symbols and how they show up on the reels. RTG has been around for a long time, and Gemtopia Slots is a welcome addition to their fantastic library of slot games.