Cash Bandits Slots

There’s an old adage that crime doesn’t pay. Well, Real Time Gaming begs to differ with Cash Bandits slots, a modern day spin on the timeless cops and robbers theme. Cash Bandits puts you fully in control of a master bank thief that must stay one step ahead of the determined law enforcement. The more successful you are at avoiding the law enforcement, the more chances you get at plundering helpless, bank vaults.

A Special Type Of Game Developer

Real Time Gaming yet again proves its metal with the mega successful Cash Bandits. Real Time Gaming continues to stamp its success by developing innovative games like Cash Bandits, by producing them in graphically rich detail. They also add onto the games by implementing fun and lucrative bonus rounds, free spins features and in a lot of cases, progressive jackpots. Taking full advantage of the latest flash technology, Real Time Gaming is able to make slot wonders like Cash Bandits available to be either streamed directly online or downloaded to the computer or mobile device.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before rushing in and making a real wager, by all means play some demo rounds of Cash Bandits. A standard feature of most Real Time Gaming games, is the opportunity to play some demo rounds sound you can get the feel of the game. All of the game play and functions are available in the demo rounds, but you won’t be able to win real money.

Crime’s Theme

When Real Time Gaming makes a game, they go all out on the particular theme. And that is exactly the case when it comes the theme of Cash Bandits. Every icon, every font and the details are all in the spirit of the crime theme. The game play itself takes place right in the middle of a vault with piles of cash.

User Friendly Design

The game play is very smooth and easy to manage when it comes to Cash Bandits slots. All of the major buttons are right in the view of the screen, including the spin, and auto spin buttons. If you are using auto play mode, you can set several games through auto play mode so you can take in all of the wonders of this crime themed epic. Right in view are the pay table and options buttons where you can adjust game settings and the reel speed.

What Type Of Slot Is Cash Bandits?

Cash Bandits comes with not just one progressive jackpot, but two of them. There is even the bank vault bonus round.

Many Pay Lines To Win

Cash Bandits is a five reel game that comes with 25, crime laden pay lines. You can bet on a single pay line, or all 25 on each and every spin. You are free to choose the number of pay lines you wish to place your bets on through the usage of pay line buttons. Getting Your Bet In

Cash Bandits is available at many online casinos. Those casinos that host this game tend to have many ways options to make your deposit. Once you make your deposit, you can easily adjust the coin size values through the coin size buttons. The minimum bet that must be placed is a penny. You can adjust the values in increments of a penny, all the way to a dime. You can go all the way up to the quarter.

It’s All In The Pay Table

There’s a lot going on with Cash Bandits. To help you keep track on the crime laden icons, there is a pay table button that breaks everything down. When it comes to the icons, you will find that the master bank robber is a high ranking symbol, as is the determined cop that is hot on his heels. The bank vault is the game’s wild symbol. It will replace the other symbols for double the win.

Crack The Bonus Round

Cash Bandits comes with an intense bank vault, bonus round. The goal is to crack the safe by getting at least three of the scatter symbols to land on the reels. When you get here, the heat is on. You must successfully break through four bank vaults as fast you can by entering the correct security code. The more scatters that you get to land, will help you break the code faster.

The Power Of Free Spins

Depending on how successful you are in the bank vault bonus round, will determine the number of free spins you play with. At the very least, you will play with five free spins with a double winning multiplier. All in all, you can play with 90 free games with extra winning multipliers based on the number of keys you won in the bank vault bonus round.

The Return To Player Is On Your Side

Everybody wants to win. As part of the life of an online gambler, you have to take your lumps. Don’t worry about losing too much. The return to player is very user friendly and favorable when you play Cash Bandits slots. Feel free to play and make your bets, you will win enough coin if you play long enough.

What’s The Rating

Slot games normally don’t come with official ratings. This is the case when it comes to Cash Bandits. It is a widely popular slot game and gets strong rates from those who review it. It is a nice clean, animated slot game with oodles of fun and prizes.

Become The Next Big Winner

If you play Cash Bandits long enough, you just might become the next big winner with your name being proudly displayed throughout the online casino you are playing the game at.

Playing For The Heck Of It

There is no pressure to place a real bet. You can easily play some practice rounds with Cash Bandits slots so you can get the feel of the game. Keep in mind that there maybe third party casino sites that offers no deposit bonuses and free spins that can be used to help you win real money without wagering a single penny.

Laying Down The Real Bet

Of course, when you are ready to make a real bet there are many ways to make your deposit at the online casino you are playing at. When you’ve made your deposit, you can change the coin size via the coin size buttons on the screen.

Taking Cash Bandits On The Go

By no means are you restricted to playing Cash Bandits on your personal computer. This state of the art slot is fully optimized to perform seamlessly on your laptop or the mobile device of your choice. All of the game play action and bonuses are there for the taking on the mobile device of your choice.