Cai Hong Slots

Cai Hong Slots

Feel the gods smiling down upon you when you play Cai Hong Slots. Cai Hong Slots is another popular slot game that continues the illustrious dominance of Asian themed game. This five reel slot centers around the Chinese God of wealth and his tranquil paradise. To add onto your wealth building prowess, there is a bonus round and a free spins round available as well in Cai Hong Slots.

A Very Special Gaming Developer

Real Time Gaming is no stranger to heavyweight and enthralling slot games. They more than put their stamp of gaming excellence with Cai Hong Slots. Cai Hong Slots, carries all the characteristics that Real Time Gaming stands for, including very nice and smooth visuals. Going the extra mile, there is a quaint, soundtrack that accompanies the game. Taking full advantage of the flash engine, Real Time Gaming makes it possible to stream Cai Hong Slots, straight on the web browser with next to no loss in game detail, or you can download the game on your computer, or the smart device of your choice.

Getting Some Demo Rounds In

Get the complete Cai Hong experience with total immersion by playing some demo rounds. All of the game play features are available on the demo mode, minus the chance of winning real cash and prizes.

A Relaxing Theme

Cai Hong Slots is rich and full on details. The game play takes place in fact, right in the middle of the sky and the clouds. As mentioned before, there is a very soothing and charming soundtrack to help put your mind at ease and focused on winning. All of the game icons for the most part, reflect the world of the God of Wealth and traditional, Asian folklore.

It's All In The Design

Nothing but the best in Asian tradition, beauty and sophistication, is in full display when you play Cai Hong Slots. The game play is very smooth and easy to move around. All of the important buttons and features that you need, is right in view on the game screen. The spin and the auto spin buttons are right there for the clicking. You can easily go over the game icons with easy access to the pay table button. Get the precise number of pay lines right with the user friendly, pay line arrows.

What Kind Of A Slot Game Is Cai Hong Slots

There are a lot of ways to make a small fortune here at Cai Hong Slots. There is a minor jackpot that is well within reach. Not to be overlooked are the exciting and worthwhile free spins round.

A Lot Of Wealth In The Pay Lines

Cai Hong Slots comes with 30, fortuitous pay lines, ripe with wealth. Feel free to place your wager on a single pay line, or on all of them on each and every spin. You can also bet on the precise number of pay lines through the usage of pay line arrows before every spin.

Getting Your Bet In

The online casino that you are enjoying Cai Hong Slots at, no doubt has many ways to get your bets placed. Once you've made your deposit, you can easily adjust the coin size on each spin through the coin size buttons. The coin denominations start at a penny, them bumps up to a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and all the way up to the dollar.

Lucky Bonus

Cai Hong Slots comes with an interesting free spins round and a minor jackpot.

Illustrious Free Spins

The one thing that Cai Hong Slots is rich in, are free spins. To access the free spins round, you will need to get at least three of the scatter symbols. Once in the free spins round, you will begin with 8 free spins. Wins in the free spins round are doubled. The bonus picks in the free spins round can help boost the winning multiplier and award you additional free spins. All in all, you can earn up to 33 free spins per visit.

A Wealthy Return To Player

Losing unfortunately, comes with the territory when you place a wager. Rest easy, Cai Hong Slots comes with a nice return to player to help keep you on the straight and arrow and focused on building wealth. The more you wager, eventually, returns will find their way back to you.

One Heck Of A Rating

While there is no official rating associated with Cai Hong Slots, on the scale of one to ten on the fun meter, Cai Hong Slots rates a 10. The game play is soothing and fun, and the design is very user friendly.

Become The Next Big Winner

Cai Hong Slots gives you the chance to win big, each and every time you play. If you are successful in winning, you might have your name displayed all throughout the online casino.

Playing For The Thrill Of It

You don't have to rush and place your bets with Cai Hong Slots. By all means get some practice rounds and playing in so you can get the hang of the five reel wonder, Cai Hong Slots. From time to time, you may find some in house casino promotions where you can get some free spins play. You might also come across some third party online casino promotions where you can apply no deposit codes and third party free spins where you can play for free, yet win real prizes and cash.

Laying Down A Real Bet

Of course, when you are ready to amass your small fortune, there are numerous ways for the online casino that you are playing at, to accommodate your deposits. The traditional, fallback methods tend to be credit and debit cards. If you are going to use these cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization to be submitted with the cashier. And of course, you can change the bet sizes through the coin size buttons.

Making Your Wealth On The Go

Cai Hong Slots can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime. You don't always have to be at your desktop to feel the embrace of this God of wealth. This state of the art of game is fully optimized for today's smart phones and tablets. You can even play Cai Hong on your laptop.